Wednesday, 24 August 2011

Welcome to Anno Domini Home

Welcome to my blog , what I hope to do and share is my love of things that some may consider morbid or a little dark . There are beautiful things all around us and not all has to be pretty and bright .The dust on a book, rising damp on a wall , cobwebs on an unused toy all telling that time is moving on and younger glory days are behind us.  Darker things tend to stop people and rather than contemplate these graven images or things ,they simply turn away and refuse to face them .I'm talking about death and the end of life of course .Most of the worlds peoples have always celebrated , glorified it and usually the most important artworks all allude to it . Whether it's portraiture or iconic deities ,cameo's or something more personal that reminds us of someone long past ,these Memento mori serve as a constant reminder of how wonderful a persons life is and that their departure does not mean they will not live on in our hearts and memories . The Victorians had developed the art of mourning into a very fine business indeed .A full year of wearing black (something the Melbournians do regardless) moving onto purple , it's rules and its rituals .The advent of photography capturing the last image of a loved one , the huge market in jewellery and keepsakes , death masks and memorials statues all these beautiful things somehow bringing comfort and reassurance of loved ones past to those left behind .The fear of not only losing someone but worse still the fear of forgetting what they looked like or the colour of their hair ,what they felt like . Welcome to my Memento mori . AD

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